Steven Saxby

Why I'm standing

This constituency is where I work and study, campaign and socialise, I am passionate about our Cities of London and Westminster. As the son of a care worker and street cleaner, I went to a comprehensive school before working in factories and shops and then becoming the first from my family to go to university. I have seen first hand the impact Tory-driven austerity.

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Why you should vote for me

Winning Cities of London and Westminster will be no easy task but with just 3,148 votes between a Labour MP who can deliver our transformative manifesto and the continuation of deepening Tory austerity we have never been closer. We need a campaign which reaches every part of this constituency, and fights on the day to day issues and successes of the Two Cities. I am standing because of my record campaigning and winning on local causes.

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If you have any questions or just want to talk, please do get in touch with me.

Phone: 078 5555 1050


Twitter: @StevenSaxby 

Facebook: TeamSaxby