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"Steven Saxby has been an ally and faithful comrade in 
the fight against exploitation of vulnerable workers and migrant communities. His commitment to socialist principles and his hands-on experience in grassroots activism ensures that he is someone that will bring the voice of the unheard to Parliament." Dara Bascara, Hyde Park ward

“I’m endorsing Steven because he is someone that has always gone out of his way to represent and support people. Having worked alongside him, I know he will be a refreshing change for the Cities of London and Westminster seat in ensuring everyone in the community will have a real say in their future.” - Rachael Maskell MP

"Steven is a first class, campaigning candidate who can win for Labour here in Cities of London and Westminster. His determination, decency and work ethic shines through in everything he does. He believes in politics as a vocation not a career and will bring people together. Steven will make Labour members and local residents proud as a candidate and MP."  Richard Burgon - Shadow Justice Secretary

"As I saw from his support for my campaign in Battersea, Steven is a natural communicator on the doorstep, able to listen to those who feel left behind by Tory austerity, and able to demonstrate how Labour's #ForTheMany manifesto would bring the change people need." - Marsha de Cordova, MP for Battersea

“Steven Saxby is a good socialist comrade and hard-working campaigner. I look forward to  working with Steven as an MP for City of London and Westminster in the next Labour Government.” John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor

"Steven above all is a great campaigner. He is naturally a very calm person with a 'can do' attitude, and someone who has a genuine concern for the community. This I feel is an essential quality in a person and a politician certainly should have. Therefore, I think Steven is the person who can win the Cities of London & Westminster for the Labour Party and make a fabulous MP.” - Cllr Shamim Talukder, Churchill Ward

"Steven has a great campaigning record, and is committed, principled and approachable. He's just the kind of candidate we need to win and represent our constituency" - Nikhil Venkatesh, Vice-Chair, Cities of London & Westminster Labour

"We need a Labour MP in the Cities of London and Westminster who we can trust to support our manifesto and hold truth to power in the City. My vote goes to Steven Saxby" - Christine Clifford, City of London BLP and Golden Lane resident

"His work on homelessness, pay and migrant rights would be invaluable in Westminster.  I know that he will work so hard for this area and be the historic person who turns this constituency red." - Laura Pidcock, Shadow Minister for Labour

"I am supporting Steven because he has a track record of fighting inequality and oppression. His genuine enthusiasm & commitment will help win for Labour in Two Cities and he will be a welcome addition to a Corbyn led Government." - Elaine Etim, Treasuer, Pimlico and Knightsbridge Labour branch

"Steven is a passionate advocate for socialist values and has a proven track record supporting struggles for social justice and migrant rights. His energetic campaigning is exactly what is needed to turn this seat Labour for the first time.” Kieran Dodds – Secretary of Pimlico and Knightsbridge Branch


“As Women's Officer for the Cities of London and Westminster CLP, I am very impressed with Steven's campaign against domestic violence. For me, he is the one candidate who is already heavily involved in the work that I would expect from my next MP."
Gillian Arrindell - Women's Officer, Cities of London and Westminster Labour

“To win here we need a special kind of candidate – someone who those left behind by Tory austerity can relate to; and who is able to stand up to the establishment and hold their own. Steven is a working class socialist who has faced the same issues many of us have in work, housing and education. He is also a talented campaigner. No other candidate comes close.” Shelly Asquith, Trade Union Co-ordinator, Cities of London and Westminster Labour

"I have heard Steven Saxby speak in an insightful and imaginative way on the housing crisis people face in London. I am impressed at his gumption to speak out for the vulnerable and for change in our wider society. Friends of mine who know him well vouch for him as someone you can trust, which is what I feel we need in Parliament. I wish him all the very best in ultimately becoming our MP." -  Terry Harper - Chair of a Millbank Residents’ Association

"Steven is a passionate, hard working and principled campaigner, exactly what what Labour needs and the residents of Westminster need to represent them in parliament."
Patrick Jenkins, Secretary, Westminster University Labour Club


“I support Steven because Jeremy Corbyn needs people like him to bring about proper changes.” Manuel Gariddo –Churchill Ward Labour member

"As a teacher working in the constituency I have confidence that Steven, who I know to be a fantastic campaigner, understands the extent of school cuts and is absolutely committed and equipped to lobby for the resources we need." - Cllr Katherine Chibah – primary school teacher in the two cities

"Steven has shown tremendous courage in the support for human rights, challenging extremist views and groups, campaigned for living wages, equality and diversity, support minority communities, migrants rights, he has challenged health and wealth inequality. Steven has stepped up and spoken out with support for gay rights in England and abroad.  What I like about Steven is his understanding of people from various and diverse cultures and backgrounds. I fully endorse his candidacy." - Jide Macaulay, House Of Rainbow (local LGBT Support group)

“Steven Saxby has always supported me and my peers in our creative pursuits, attending events and helping to promote awareness. As a designer who works in Aldgate, I welcome Steven as a strong Labour candidate for The Cities of London and Westminster." - Claire Whelan - lecturer in the City of London

“Steven is a highly experienced, energetic and effective campaigner for social justice. He gets things done. His common sense, compassion and good humour have earned him the friendship and respect of people across the ethnic and religious spectrum. I’m supporting Steven because we need an MP who will put people first.” - Hanna Kazanowska - Labour member in Pimlico and Knightsbridge 

“I support Steven Saxby because through his work with homeless people, refugees and others hit hard by Tory austerity measures, he puts socialism into practice in his daily life. I think we need an MP who is compassionate and has experience of finding and implementing creative solutions to serious social problems. Steven Saxby doesn't just talk the talk." - Gloria George, Pimlico and St James member

"The values Steve Saxby has are those of standing up for people, that's why my union is 100% behind him. He will see it through, he's determined and committed to serving the people of Westminster and making sure their voice isn't just for the corporations any more, but for everyone who lives in these Cities. And it's about time, isn't it?"  - Ian Hodson, President, Bakers' Food and Allied Workers' Union (BFAWU)

"Having been a member of the Labour Party for many years and as a Kurd, I felt on meeting Steven and learning about his longstanding work to right social injustices and to bring different faiths together for this purpose, that I could actively and wholeheartedly support his campaign to be our next member of parliament." - Inci Baker – Pimlico resident and Labour member

“I am impressed with Steven Saxby: his record as a campaigner for social justice, the issues affecting those on the margins and working class families is solid. He is personable, engaging, sincere and credible and shows compassion and grasp of the challenges affecting London. I think he has a lot to offer and, importantly, I would feel confident on the doorstep, asking people to vote for Steven as I believe he would work hard to represent us with energy and an open mind.” Ger Killeen, Labour Party Member, West End branch 

Two Cities' needs Steven Saxby as our elected representative at Parliament, to be a voice on education, housing and so many other issues we've been let down by the Tories on"- Maria Costantino, local university lecturer and Warwick ward Labour member

"I wholeheartedly endorse Steven knowing he will fight hard for improved housing in our constituency."  - Jeremy Delvarr, local Labour member

I am supporting Steven’s to be the Labour candidate for Cities of London and Westminster because I think he would conduct an effective campaign and that he will appeal to a wide range of voters. We need someone to stand up for ‘equality, justice and peace’ and to fight to do something about homelessness and housing in the area."Margaret Houston – Pimlico and St James Labour member

“A conversation with Steven Saxby goes a long way to restoring my faith that political office can be used to benefit everybody rather than a wealthy minority." - Steve Nicholson - City Branch member 

“Steven is a man of great dedication, compassion and integrity. He gets on with everyone! He is passionate about making a difference and would be a great ambassador for his constituents, genuinely caring about every one of them. It is fantastic to think that someone like Steven would be in Parliament.” - Julie Siddiqui - Co-founder of Nisa-Nashim Jewish and Muslim Women’s Network

"As local candidates we know how important it is to win this seat – and this Borough – from the Tories. Steven has the socialist values and campaign experience to win for Labour in Westminster” – Mary Darrall and Joe Darrall, candidates for May 2018 council elections, Tachbrook ward

“It’s hard to imagine anyone more aware of the issues which affect people in their daily lives, and more committed to real equality and peace. Steven is dedicated to supporting all those left behind by Tory austerity.” He is a man of religion who reaches out to other religions and preaches tolerance. He believes in community not individual greed." - Cllr Bob Littlewood – member of London Labour Regional Board

“I endorse wholeheartedly the candidacy of Steven Saxby for the Westminster seat in Parliament. Steven works hard for everyone. His approach to community is as practical and effective as it is ethical.” - Rabbi Ariel Abel – Unite Faith Workers’ Branch 

“I support Steven as our Parliamentary candidate because he has long standing connections with the area and understands the problems associated with housing, the inadequate funding of the NHS and education, lack of workers’ rights and the impact these issues have on ordinary people’s lives.” - Judith Longthwaite – Labour member in West End branch

“Steven is someone thoroughly committed to the pursuit of peace & justice. He is a great ally in the anti-racist & trade union movement, and someone I'm delighted to know as a friend and mentor. Steven is a tireless campaigner and a jewel in the community.” - Nathan Wallace-Esnard – London Undergound worker (Victoria Line) & a RMT BAME officer 

"Steven will be a superb and hard-working Labour candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster. He brings a unique combination of interests and skills: effective campaigning work with Unite and the party; sustained community engagement in parishes and across diverse faith communities; well communication skills and a keen social media profile All this, combined with his strong sense of integrity and warm and engaging personality, makes him a real asset to the Labour movement in London." Cllr Robert Thompson - Chair of the Grenfell Recovery Scrutiny Committee

"I worked for five years with Steven in the Cities of London and Westminster and on supporting migrants across the capital. As a Bulgarian migrant to the UK, I have been especially encouraged by Steven's support of EU and other migrants, in the face of harsh immigration rules and the debate surrounding Brexit." - Sabina Nedelcheva-Williams, local artist 

“It is wonderful to have a man like Steven Saxby in politics. Driven by compassion for people and a keen sense of social justice he will be a politician who can be trusted. Steven, like Jeremy, is a man of integrity motivated by humanitarian values and the desire to change people's lives for the better. He believes in community not individual greed. And he is a loyal supporter of the leader of the Labour party. Let's help him to win!" - Ulrike Schmidt – Human rights activist and Amnesty UK spokesperson on Roma

“I'm delighted to endorse Steven's candidature and have had the pleasure to work with him over the years for equality, against racism and fascism, and for migrant rights. Steven's standing and grassroots work in our communities make him an ideal candidate as he cares about and puts people first.” -  Zita Holbourne, PCS National Vice President, National Chair BARAC UK"

“I've campaigned with Steven on anti-austerity, migrants' rights, housing and peave issues for nearly ten years. He would make an excellent MP and would be a strong, inspiring and effective voice for the people of two Cities." - Jamima Fagta – City resident and Labour member 
“I'm pleased to have worked with Steven Saxby, he is both committed and determined to make the lives of Londoners better. I'm confident he will provide a voice for those he serves.”  Mustafa Field – Director of Faiths Forum for London
“Steven, a tireless campaigner for the eradication of homelessness, inclusion of all people regardless of race, faith, gender or sexuality, will promote an atmosphere of openness, honesty, inclusivity, fairness, and thoughtfulness. He is honest, principled, and will listen to the plight of people, because in everything he does, Steven exemplifies with tolerance and humanity He will use these qualities to create a better community for all.” - Miss SaHHara – Founder of TransValid

"Steven was at the founding of & has been a great encouragement to the Filipino Domestic Workers' Association. His stand in support of vulnerable migrants is much needed in Parliament. We are with him all the way just as he is always with us in solidarity." - The Filipino Domestic Workers’ Association

 "Steven Saxby has been a strong advocate of the issues affecting our community of indigenous people from the Philippines living in the UK. He always stands with us to protect the vulnerable, offers helpful support, and speaks out for justice. We regard him as an "Igorot-by-heart", one of our own, and we would be proud to see him in parliament where his voice will have greater impact." - Juliet Manarin – President of Igorot-UK 

“Steven has been a real champion of equality and stood up to all forms of discrimination. He would be a powerful voice in Parliament for social justice for all.” - Aaron Kiely - Unite London and Eastern LGBT Committee  

"I have worked side by side with Steven on many interfaith issues in our local community and across London. He is full of compassion and fights for justice and has always been by the side of the Muslim community when we are subjected to any form of hate crime and or Islamaphobia. He is always ready to work with people across faiths and none for the good of humanity. I think he would make an excellent MP." - Saira Mir, Interfaith activist

“Steven is an outstanding community campaigner with unshakeable socialist and anti-racist values and commitment. We need more people like him as our representatives.” - David Rosenberg, author of Rebel Footprints

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