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Why you should vote for me

Winning Cities of London and Westminster will be no easy task. With just 3,148 between a Labour MP who can deliver our transformative manifesto and the continuation of deepening Tory austerity the stakes have never been higher. We need a campaign which reaches every part of this constituency, and fights on the day to day issues and successes of the Two Cities. I am standing because of my record campaigning and winning on local causes. 

About me

I discovered socialism and began political campaigning as a teenager. I’ve remained an active campaigner on equalities, environmental justice, peace and poverty issues, defending the NHS, and promoting the Living Wage. Through my work as a Vicar over the last 18 years and my work with London Churches Social Action (based first in Westminster and now in Blackfriars) over the last 5 years, I have worked with people from all walks of life with many challenges, not least those affected by low pay, the unjust welfare reforms, and the housing crisis.

I am proud socialist and trade unionist, and have spent two years as the Unite's National Branch Chair for Faith Workers representing and supporting other faith workers, campaigning for workers rights and lobbying for fair pay and conditions. I have been both the Chair and Secretary of my Labour branch, working across the constituency to win for Labour, build our membership and spread our Labour values. I've knocked doors, developed social media campaigns, and played a pivotal role in increasing our vote share at the last election. 

It is my experience, as a political campaigner, as a worker and as a member of this community which will allow me to hit the ground running, and deliver a Labour MP for the Two Cities.

My priorities

  • Education
    Our schools are facing unprecedented budget cuts, key subjects are being lost and teachers are put out of work in the name of 'cost efficiency'. It is a disgrace that our children will have less opportunity than we did, and that our MP Mark Field presides over a system which ensures that the wealthy few alone can access adequate education.

    As your candidate and MP, I will work with teachers', parents, trade unions and campaign groups to make the case for increased investment in local schools, and champion public education from cradle to grave. Labour's manifesto promised investment in early years, right through to free university tuition: let's take that to the doorstep and mobilise students and parents to vote for Labour's education.

  • Housing
    Our constituency needs a plan for homes. Council housing, rent controls and regulations on private landlords are just the start. Our Labour Party must be at the forefront of campaigning on these issues, supporting tenants' unions, residents' groups and challenging Mark Field and Westminster Council on their immoral record on homelessness. As your candidate I will lobby for investment in council housing, support ballots on all estate regenerations, and develop a local housing campaign that suits the needs of our community.

  • Jobs
    The cost of living crisis can only be solved by a £10 minimum wage and by workers organising for pay and conditions. We need to immediately reverse the regressive anti trade union laws, and implement  living wage - not a minimum wage. As a trade union rep, I have campaigned for many years on workers' rights, and I would use this experience to effectively lobby business in the constituency as well as nationally.

  • Air Pollution
    It is completely unacceptable that reports of our constituency having some of the worst air pollution in Europe have been met with inaction from our Tory MP. Children living locally are suffering as a result. Our Labour campaign must focus on improving the quality of air in our constituency. As your candidate I would lobby for air pollution reduction agreements at a Council, Assembly and national level and be an effective opposition to Mark Field's negligence.

  • Winning Two Cities
    As your candidate I will deliver an energetic and effective campaign from day one. I will ensure that we tap into the mass membership of our local party to build a group campaign which reaches every single voter. I will use my experience as a Vicar and a campaign organiser to develop a campaign driven by what unites us, and my networks as a trade unionist to bring vital resources to our constituency, for example an organiser and a campaign HQ.


  • Campaigning for Equality
    I have played a role in equality campaigns, and this will be a cornerstone of my work as a Labour MP. The Labour Party is the Party of equality and we must ensure our local campaigns reaches out to local campaigns, charities and civil rights groups in order to champion the cause of liberation. My experience on these issues are extensive: I have worked closely with worldwide  LGBT rights charities, campaigned across London against the fascist BNP and EDL, have recently led a campaign to settle Syrian refugees, and I am also a member of an Abortion Rights UK board. 

    I campaigned for Britain to remain in the European Union because I believe we are stronger when we co-operate. The Tories are delivering a cruel, hard Brexit that will only serve to damage Britain, our economy, jobs and public services. I am committed to ensuring we protect jobs, defend migrants' rights to live, work and stay here; as well as our vital human and workers' rights. 


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I'd like to answer any questions you may have, and meet with you if you have time.

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